What to wear for home exercises: tips and ideas

When it’s cold outside, you don’t want to come near the icy sidewalk. And when it’s too hot and humid outside, you don’t feel like jogging around the shops or going to work. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to stay active without leaving your home: exercise DVDs, fitness apps that show you how many calories you’ve already burned (or burned if you don’t stop), and even walking around using your phone’s pedometer app! But what clothes should we wear? What shoes should we wear? We’ll answer all of these questions and more with a few of our favorite home workout outfits.

Home Exercise Clothes:

  • Yoga Pants: Yoga pants are a great addition to any workout, they are extremely comfortable and easy to move around. They are good at wicking sweat (if you are doing high-intensity exercise). You won’t choose them if you plan on running outside or hiking – they’ll sweat too much! But that’s what shorts are for.
  • Leggings: Like yoga pants, leggings are just as comfortable with no frills. Additionally, many of them have pockets where you can stow your phone while exercising – no need to buy an armband anymore! Make sure any pair you buy are squat resistant as they will look silly when people see them in them.
  • Running shorts: For lower intensity workouts like light yoga or a Pilates movie, you can wear your favorite running shorts. They’re lightweight and comfortable to move around – just make sure they’re not too loose when you’re doing more intense exercise! If this is the case with what you are wearing, choose training clothes that fit snugly but not too tight, as if you were leaving the house on the day. You want support while training, but it shouldn’t be tight enough that blood flow is an issue.


Depending on the type of exercise you do, it will depend on what shoes to buy from a branded sports shoe store in your area. Make sure any pair are well-fitted – you don’t want to get blisters while training and not even realize it. You also don’t want your feet to slip in your shoe, especially if they’re new shoes or running shoes. Once again, it comes back to looking for a pair that fits well but isn’t too tight for home workouts.

  • Running shoes: If you plan to hit the road (or the treadmill) with some light jogging here and there, get yourself a nice pair of running shoes! However, make sure they fit well by trying them on first; their size may differ from that of other brands when it comes to sportswear. Also, make sure you take them apart before you decide to wear them – never wear new shoes while training without taking them apart!
  • Sneakers: Running shoes can be too heavy for some people, especially if you plan on jogging at a light pace. In this case, the sneakers are perfect because they are lighter than running shoes and more comfortable for strenuous exercises – such as high knees or rope jumping!

Dressing while exercising is as important as staying in shape after starting a workout. Make sure what you are wearing is something that moves well with your body while also giving you enough support not to move while exercising. Consider where you will go after completing your training; won’t cold weather cause problems? Will hot summer air make you overheat faster than necessary?

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