Postpartum training: How to get your body back into shape

You just had a baby and are wondering what to do next. You got approval from your doctor, but how do you get back in shape? It doesn’t matter if it’s 8 weeks or 6 months later. We have some tips for you!

  • Swimming is perfect for postpartum training as it uses your entire body and you can exercise it while your baby is asleep. It also helps prevent constipation to which new mothers are prone to postpartum.
  • The exercise ball is great for toning your pelvic floor muscles (as well as strengthening other areas) and building core strength. It will also help with any back pain you may be experiencing. You will also feel more confident in your own skin!
  • Exercise DVDs – Having trouble fitting your regular workouts into your busy schedule? Then consider hiring an online instructor or using the DVD plan found on YouTube – there are tons of free tutorials out there! Thanks to them, you can follow from home and at the same time have an intense workout that will leave you feeling refreshed.
    Pilates – This type of exercise is perfect for building and toning your muscles to get them back in shape after childbirth, especially in the pelvic area (which is very strained during pregnancy). You can find lots of free tutorials on YouTube or take an instructor-led class if you prefer.
  • Regular exercise will also increase your energy level, which will make it easier for you to take care of yourself and your baby! There are many other tips online, so be sure to check them out!

The Benefits of Returning to Exercise After Pregnancy

  1. Reducing stress through exercise will help you sleep better
  2. Exercise is a great way to stay fit and lose weight after pregnancy
  3. You will have more energy for yourself and your family if you are not constantly tired
  4. Exercise releases endorphins which can reduce depression and anxiety after pregnancy
  5. Exercise can reduce your risk of developing gestational diabetes or high blood pressure in pregnancy
  6. It’s never too late to start exercising – even if you haven’t been active in years!

If you are a new mom, it may seem difficult to return to physical activity after pregnancy. However, the benefits are invaluable. With proper exercise for young moms, you can get back on your feet and become healthier than ever before! This article gives you some great ideas on how to make your exercise work with any daily schedule.

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