5 ways to stay motivated during winter training

Now that winter has come, it’s easy to stop exercising. But there are many reasons why you should exercise. First, the air is cleaner and clearer in winter than at any other time of the year, which makes the environment healthier for your lungs and heart. In addition, exercising outdoors will reduce the amount of time you spend on a stationary bike or treadmill. And if you feel bored with your regular training routine – try new activities with friends!

1. Find a Training Partner – This will help you stay accountable and motivated

An exercise partner can really help you stay motivated to exercise. I have a friend who I used to work out with often in the morning before work. He dropped me off in the morning and waited for me, sometimes up to an hour after I finished exercising

It helped me a lot in keeping my accountability – when I felt it was too cold outside or too early in the morning, I knew he would be waiting for me, ready for action, when I woke up or felt ready. There was no point in skipping training when there were so many benefits!

2. Track your progress with applications such as Strava or Map My Run

Strava is a great example of an app that can help you stay motivated. I love clicking the connections tab and then browsing all the rides I signed up for. It gives me a sense of satisfaction when I see photos of my last ride, as well as the distance traveled and the time it took me to complete it

I also like to use apps like Map My Run that map mileage, elevation changes, run time etc. These types of apps not only let you track your progress, but also offer various routes that you can cover and diversify your training.

3. Get outside as often as possible to make the most of the time of the day

One of the best ways to stay motivated while training is to go outside as often as possible. The longer you stay inside, the more temptations you will have to choose from that can distract you from training or lead you astray. Going outside will not only allow you to enjoy the sun and better weather, it will also help reduce your chances of getting sick.

4. Make sure you get enough sleep, even if that means going to bed earlier than usual

The last thing you want when trying to stay motivated in the gym is feeling exhausted. To prevent this from happening, make sure you get enough sleep, even if it means going to bed earlier than usual. Sleep will not only help you achieve the right level of motivation, but will also give you the energy you need to get through hard training.

5. Add variety to your workouts by introducing new exercises such as kettlebells and burpees

No matter what type of exercise you do, it’s important to keep it interesting. You can do this in a number of ways, but my favorite is introducing new exercises. Kettlebell swings are a great way to train your arms and core, and will also improve your flexibility. You start in a squat position with the kettlebell in front of you on the ground, holding it with both hands at shoulder height. Quickly twist the kettlebell in one hand up above your head and then back down again and repeat the same over the other side.

Here’s another great exercise to improve your balance and coordination: Burpees. You start standing with both feet together and hands dangling at your sides, then bend over and place your hands on the floor in front of you, jump backwards with both legs to the push-up position, then jump with both legs forward to return to a standing position.

If you are like most and fear the winter months due to cold, dark days and snow storm-prone weather, it may be hard for you to stay motivated enough to train. However, there are ways to make your workouts more enjoyable – even during those colder seasons!

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